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19th-Jun-2006 05:47 pm - heehee.
hapepy : I moved there since last May. Last notice (WTF) :D
So. I put down the Mikitty layout and soon Imma delete the icons and stuff too. :x
29th-May-2006 11:26 am - moving along.
Okay. So I'm really moving to a new LJ.

Please add if you want: hapepy

..but most likely, I'll be the one knocking on your door because I have fast NiNjA!1skills. And besides, I feel like I'm not being a good LJ friend (not commenting, etc D:) so I want to start over again. :)

Thank you for a whole year of fun in this journal x)

EDIT! Offline friends will be added WHETHER YOU GUYS LIKE THAT OR NOT. BWAHAHA *chokes* ..ahem.
EDIT2! You guys may unadd this journal if you wish by the way :D
30th-May-2005 06:28 pm - FRIENDS ONLY
simply leave a comment to be added ♥

& I hope we'd have something in common: Jmusic, Jdrama, anime, manga, yaoi, etc. And hot Japanese idol boys PLZ. Kthx.

& Uh. Tolerate fangirling and all its nonsense. I fangirl too much I confuse people xO

& ..that's kinda it :x

29th-May-2005 11:11 pm - colorbars ♥


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